Purposely doing good.

We are all aware of the global challenges we are facing, the time for action is now. At PI Impact, we see infinite possibilities to solve world’s most pressing matters with brilliant minds and brilliant ideas out there. We take action by allocating capital and expertise to those ideas that we believe can change the game.

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Mentha Impact

Mentha Impact supports purpose-driven companies that address global environmental challenges.

Buy-out fund
Environmental impact


Pymwymic invests in pioneering individuals that are building fairer and sustainable food chains.

Venture Capital
Food system

Groundwork BioAg

Groundwork BioAg is a bio platform for regenerative agriculture.


Borski Fund

Borski Fund invests in companies that reduce the gender gap.

Venture Capital

The Kingfish Company

Based in the Dutch province of Zeeland, Kingfish Zeeland leverages the pristine marine estuary waters of the Oosterschelde for the sustainable production of high value marine seafood.

Sustainable consumption

Carbon Equity

Carbon Equity invests in expert-selected and professionally managed climate funds.

Climate action

UBQ Materials

UBQ™ material empowers the world to make an easy shift to sustainability without compromising on profitability.



J-Impact invests in companies that are dedicated to solving the critical social and environmental challenges.

Venture Capital


Quris is an artificial intelligence innovator that is disrupting the drug development process.

Drug testing

We back impact driven

Partner with us

Impact and value shouldn’t be a trade-off. In fact, we believe that impact drives value. Creating measurable social, environmental and financial returns accelerates the transition to a more sustainable system. Therefore we see it as our mission to proof that the most impactful ventures are the most valuable ones. Because they will be here for the long run.

focus of our
direct investments

Early stage
Minority stakes
Sector agnostic
Strong founder team
A clear Theory of Change
Futureproof and scalable solution
Early stage

We invest early stage, generally Series A to B, or at least demonstrable proof of concept and market traction.

Minority stakes

We take minority stakes, and preferably we see other impact investors on your cap table.

Sector agnostic

We look at multiple industries with a focus on addressing social or environmental root causes.

Strong founder team

We search for divers and committed founder teams, with different skills and experiences, covering various disciplines.

A clear Theory of Change

We look for the possibility of changing the world for good, therefore the impact you’re making should be clear and measurable.

Futureproof and scalable solution

To effectively make impact, your solution should be sustainable and scalable with a large market potential.

We should work together

We build partnerships

As a family office, partnership is one of our core values. Our focus is on long-term relationships rather than short term gains.


Creating value together. With our entrepreneurial background and flexible approach, we support you in growing your business.